5 Good Reasons To Use The “Get Traffic 3.0” To Dominate Facebook PPC Today

5 Good Reasons To Use The “Get Traffic 3.0” To Dominate Facebook PPC Today

1. Facebook is set to become the most important favorite site.

Facebook PPC ads are clearly where your marketing efforts should lie right now. Facebook currently ranked number two behind Google at Alexa.com. Online users already spend most time on Facebook (approximately an hour typically).

This causes it to be very easy to find your target audience and then sell anything using Facebook PPC ads. Jonathan Budd did some research about this and located that many users who leave their Google search come immediately to Facebook.

2. Facebook Reportsfeed

When people interact on Facebook, especially on fan pages, their activity is spread virally. If an individual hits “like” or comments or is tagged inside a video, this activity is spread to their friends.

Which means that your Facebook PPC ads can divert visitors to a fan page which might be a sandwich page. From the sandwich page, you can then direct the consumer to a capture page in which you collect the data and get leads into you sales funnel or funded proposal.

3. Facebook Ads – Low-budget cost per click

Over a decade ago Google started it’s paid for advertising service there were a lot of millionaires made, especially because of the cheap “cost per click.” Facebook PPC ads are now in a similar position as to the Google what food was in and you’d be stupid to miss the chance to have low costs per click. You’ll try this by creating several ads which have been targeting to exact specificity.

A good example might be, female, age 45-50, lives in Ohio, likes Jonathan Budd, interest include running, yoga, meeting new people. This could predict to cost 40 cents per click, but will likely turn out to be cheaper, such as 30 cents per click, by changing this group, the price per click might change.

4. Stress-free Atmosphere

Google ads have become powerful because those see them when they’re actively searching for information and therefore are already in buying mode. This means that individuals like to buy when it is their very own choice. It doesn’t like to be sold to. Many people searching in google don’t even realize the ads are their deliberately geared towards them.

With Facebook, you would think that folks would disregard the ads. However, they may be in relaxed mode and easier to tap into their emotions. This is easier still with being able to add images for the ads. The pictures don’t necessarily have to be related either. As an example, pictures of beautiful women get clicked on the lot. That old adage of “sex sells” is needed. By directing people straight to some fan page, this relaxed environment can continue.

5. Social Proof

If you send the people to an intermediate age, a follower page, it is simple for people to see some social proof relating to your offer. The “Like” button can easily show social proof and spread your message virally.

Facebook PPC ads make you very specific with your targeting.

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