A Summary of Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

A Summary of Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery marketing had started several years back. With the use of advanced technologies, its results have become more and more excellent each year and today, it has become the most preferred by many people in terms of lasting beauty enhancement and internet marketing. However, beyond the many sorts of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgeon marketing that were made available to people, facelift have remained the hottest. Just like how it is termed, it is a process that reforms the physical appearance of the face. There are actually different forms of facelift, below are few of them.

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The primary and the most uncomplicated type of facelift is called the SMAS or the superficial musculoaponeurotic facelift. With SMAS facelift, the primary layer of the face and the neck skin will be lifted. The Deep Plane Lift is a variation of SMAS facelift in which the process is done practically the same but the penetration is much more deeper than SMAS facelift. Another type of facelift procedure is called Short Scar Facelift. In this type of method, the cosmetic surgeon marketing creates a cut in the forehead and in the ear to lift the skin to tightened. Alternatively, there is a non surgical way to perform facelift and it is called thread or feather lift. It can tightened sagging skin without experiencing real cuts. This is best for people with light to moderate facial sagging.

Endoscopic facelift on the other hand uses an endoscope during the surgical procedure. Endoscope is a small digital camera that is connected to a lean probe used by many surgeons to see under the patient’s skin as well as the internal structure of the face. There are actually many different surgical procedures that may utilize endoscope. Another type of facelift is called the Mid-facelift. This procedure is best for patients who wants to achieve thinner cheeks as well as face lines. It also employs endoscope to achieve best result. The process involves lifting of skin that covers the cheekbone and then reposition it in a much better stance.

Usually, facelift surgery end result last for approximately ten years. However, it may not be true to some as it would also depend in some factors like the passing years after the surgery as well as the natural aging process. In fact there are people who find it necessary to have another facelift procedure few years after the surgery because there are parts in the face that are not as fresh looking as the enhanced part. The reason for this is because facelift don’t affect the entire face, it only improve the zones being operated on.

Since facelift is a real surgery, risks and complications are likely to occur. Thus, if you are considering to get facelift, you better be aware of the risks and problems that may arise during and after the surgery. While it is true that a huge percentage of people undergoing facelift are successful, there are still chances of failures and dangers. Hence, it is wise to talk about it with your surgeon and be prepared.

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