Are You Addicted To Facebook?

Are You Addicted To Facebook?

If your response has been positive, congratulations and all the best to your quickly recovery. If you answered no, that’s all right because the first step to most addictions is denial. The great news is, there are some ways to check out if you have this sickness. Here are top 10 signs that you are a Facebook addict.

1. Facebook is the first website that you check in the morning. (Observe: There’s a risk that your addiction is severe if you use a mobile phone that has internet access and you literally check out the site within five minutes of waking up. If that’s the case, seek medical attention right away.)

2. You have more than 400 contacts, where at least half of them are people that you don’t actually talk to on a regular basis.

3. Mafia Wars? FarmVille? FishVille? You are an expert when it comes to social media games, and the apps are the only interaction you have with some of your friends (e.g. Your wall messages to friends contain something like, “Tom found a lonely Black Sheep on their farm. Oh no!”)

4. You care for Facebook so much that you bring it with you even while in the bathroom and doing a number two.

5. You have abandoned “printing photos and creating real albums” completely, since all your pictures are now uploaded on Facebook.

6. At some point in your online life, you have updated your status about what you’ve cooked for dinner, shows you’ve watched on TV, and places you’ve been to newly.

7. You have shared a site regarding a news article or a YouTube video that either you really enjoyed or you just wanted people to know about it because it will increase your chances of scoring cool points and getting a friendship bracelet from your super cool contacts.

8. You downloaded FourSquare to check-in at cool places in the town, so your friends will think you’re not just cool but also super smart and super tech-savvy.

9. You have made a statement on someone else’s wall. Or if you don’t know the person that well, you’ve just “liked” his or her status, which is a Facebook equivalent of a real life “hi.”

10. At last, you have made your relationship status Facebook-official by changing from “Single” to “In a Relationship” or vice versa. Yet, you have also updated your status to “It’s Complicated” since you think it is way cooler than all the other statuses.

As in most addictions, Facebook’s come in various severity. If you have at least 4 symptoms, then your addiction is light. 5-7 symptoms, your case is moderate, but if you have 8 or more, you criticallysly need to make a call to Dr. Online for help as your addiction is severe. Remember, your family loves you whether they are on Facebook or not.

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