Basic Website Design Tips

Basic Website Design Tips

If splash pages are not done correctly they can be a waste of time and may deter users from your website. A splash page is normally a pointless introduction page people put on their websites. The page normally contains some sort of image on with a big click here to enter sign, or sometimes people don’t say anything and just hope you will click on the picture to enter their site. Splash pages really serve no purpose and it is just creating more work for your visitor as they have to click the mouse button an extra time just to see the content of your site. By removing the splash page the visitor can get to see the best parts of your site straight away, without having to wait for a pointless page to load.

When it comes to site navigation, it is important for it to be simple where users will be able to navigate your site quickly. A visitor will leave your site quickly if it is unclear how to navigate around your website. You can keep your navigation simple by avoiding the use of using scripts or complicated flash based menus. Not all browsers support scripts, so some of your visitors might be unable to read important information.

Having a lot of relative and informative content on your website is a good idea, it is a bad idea to have the blocks of text too big. Not everyone likes to read and too much can easily deter a visitor. Keeping paragraphs in reasonable lengths is much simpler for a visitor to read and absorb. The use of bullets to outline selling points, quick summaries or the most important information is a good technique.

When using CSS for style it is important that you ensure text is readable by using a standard font which is compatible with other systems. While some fonts may look good on your computer other users may not have that font installed. It is sound web design practice to use CSS when building you site. Cascading Style Sheets also know as CSS, are a perfect way to set and adjust your websites font and size settings. The great thing about using CSS is that you can change the look of your whole site simply by editing the one file.

When you are building your site and still in the web design stage it is important to test it and see how it looks on other browsers, just because it looks fine in internet explorer does not mean it looks good on Firefox or Opera. A lot of people use alternative browsers and if the website looks like unreadable then you will loose that visitor for ever. Your site’s web design can be inspected for compliance with the web standards at the website. Website validation on your pages will assist in ensuring it works correctly on other browsers.

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