Click Into Social Media For Your Business – Increase Traffic

Click Into Social Media For Your Business – Increase Traffic

Even if Newsweek didn’t see MySpace ‘coming’ in their 2005 article entitled, “Blogs Will Change Your Business”. By 2008, they were ready to let the entire world know they were wrong. Something had exploded! It was the advent of how social media for your business would change everything forever.

So where are you? No matter how small or how large, if your business isn’t into developing and launching a socially based online campaign, then the next question is: “Why not?” Even the smallest retail business is subjected to online comments. For good or bad, your customers are talking about you. But what are you doing to promote your business in spite of lukewarm or God Forbid bad reviews?

Today, professionals from every walk of life can tune into an interactive social-sphere just about everywhere they turn. From print magazine’s online publications to internationally networked news sites, there are opportunities to talk swap about anything and everything with like-minded folk.

Yes. People are talking about you and if they’re not saying nice things you should know about it! The days of network marketing for ‘resume-posting only’ were gone a few years ago. Today, smart micro and smallish businesses are utilizing the power of 1:1 and 1:1MM connections to infiltrate the core of their constituency. Why should you be left behind simply because you haven’t clicked with the times?

Maybe you have yet to even setup a website. Well, shame on you! In a retail enterprise, talk and gawk are the keys to success. If multi-million dollar businesses think online presence is important, then why have you hesitated to follow suit? You’re only killing your own business if you think that socialized networking, online marketing campaigns and enigmatic online advertising are only for geeks.

If you’re not in the online game then you’re simply serving up your business investment as prey to the masses. Those who don’t like your service will Yelp! about you in a minute. Those that love you have no place to go to learn more about you or praise your efforts if you haven’t established a blog. If your business isn’t online in these three major categories: (a) blogging, (b) website and (c) social media – your future is akin to being mere dust in the wind.

Nobody wants to have to work harder to get customers or retain the ones they have. But for you ‘Mom & Pop Ops’ out there who think that you can continue to grow without online intervention. Think again. Then click into the future by using social media for your business. Like most things, you can use it or lose it! But with social media one thing is for certain, if you don’t use it well, it will use you and ultimately that may not be such a ‘good thing’ after all.

Aggressive use of social media has become a generally approved best practice for business. Any manager who has difficulty understanding the potential of Facebook or MySpace can locate social media tutorials on the internet.

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