SEO Optimization Through Article Link Building

SEO Optimization Through Article Link Building

A famous article spinning software website says that ‘content’ is the king.

Yes, it is the quality of the content that counts. It can inspire the reader to read further about what is spoken in the article. Everyday thousands of articles and blogs are published in the internet, and further, about 70 percent of American population depends internet for consumer purchase. Article marketing is one of the most efficient methods of online marketing. How the article marketing works? It is not simply writing a long article, but it should be written content which is precise, accurate and must contain relevant links to other useful information required by the customer.

How to Do Link Building and Article Marketing: There are many article publishing platforms in the internet. One of the best popular services is the ezinearticles which is exclusively devoted to article publishing. Usually a quality article at ezinearticles is read by thousands of visitors. Besides, there are many web-2 social networking sites and specialized services like hubpages and squidoo which publish quality articles regularly at no cost. The search engines will index the articles which are not duplicate and have the relevant keywords included. Some of the best methods of link building in the leading article distribution and social network sites are described here.

Ezinearticles: The ezinearticles will not allow linking in the content. Links can be placed in the author resource boxes separately using HTML.

Hubpages: Unlike ezinearticles, Hubpages will allow text linking in the article body. To place a link in the text just highlight the text by selecting it and when the chain link icon is clicked, another small window is opened to place the URL of the page. Squidoo: Squidoo allows linking in the article body but one need to use HTML for the purpose. WordPress: WordPress will allow text linking in the article body just similar to how a link is placed in a hubpage

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