SEO Services UK – Do it Yourself Guide, Content Optimization, Part One

SEO Services UK – Do it Yourself Guide, Content Optimization, Part One

SEO Services UK are charging more each month for search engine optimization. As cheap SEO prices become harder to find it pays to know a little bit of SEO yourself. This daily guide will teach you some of the easy steps you can take yourself to start the search engine optimization process today. This article is going to be the first part of a series on content optimization, something which unfortunately gets overlooked far too often by SEO services UK.

Content optimization relates to how the architecture and presentation of text, images and multimedia such as video on a page can be best optimized for the search engines. Having the right formatting might not have much direct benefit but it can help you to attract backlinks, and get more clicks which will help you tremendously in the long run. Most SEO Services UK will give you SEO prices which include content optimization.

Since SEO has become such a holistic part of website design and improvement it should come as no surprise that content formatting – the layout, presentation and style that you choose for your content is an important part of the process. Deciding on a sans serif font such as Arial is always a good choice if you are unsure. Verdana is the favourite choice for experts on readability. SEO Services UK should be able to change your font easily if necessary. SEO prices will usually include this type of content optimization for no additional charge.

Content length is a crucial aspect of the optimization riddle which you must lend some thought to. Many SEO Services UK focus far too much on keyword density and forget that content length can be just as important in a less direct way. Articles which are too long do not do well on the web where people tend to have shorter attention spans. When writing content for your website try to keep it concise and to the point in easy to digest paragraphs in order to attract more backlinks.

There is a lot of debate amongst SEO Services UK over the importance of code text ratio to search engine optimization. Some experts believe that having less code and more text makes a substantial difference, particularly with big sites. Fortunately with the advent of Cascading Style Sheets in web design this is no longer a problem as it greatly reduces the amount of useless code, CSS also gives your site semantic markup and although this is not critically important to organic SEO results it may be important to the increasingly important Google local results. Because of this when you are having your website built you should ensure its written in CSS to save costs on SEO prices later on.

Content optimization is an expansive topic so I will be exploring it further in the days to come. With the high costs of employing a good SEO service UK any knowledge will help you to keep your SEO prices lower.

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