The Origins Of Web Design

The Origins Of Web Design

For the millions of websites housed on the internet, design has played an ever-increasing part in the online success of businesses and social media platforms. When the first commercially available desktop PC’s became accessible for businesses and individuals, website design didn’t really matter (at first) – and how a sites looked like were irrelevant as people still coming to terms with the fact that you can communicate with people one the other side of the world.

After this, more and more businesses began to realise the power of the internet and created their own branded websites. This made the internet an increasingly competitive arena, and the design of websites begun to matter in a way not previously anticipated — almost overnight, you could buy website templates and seek out designers who would help you to ‘wow’ your visitors. People also began to respond to design, which made it more important – making the internet a design conscious stage.

This took away from the perceived technical “wizardry” and moved a key aspect of websites into the hands of creative individuals, and eventually, design houses who diversified their services for business to include web design. It’s almost unthinkable now to imagine a design agency that didn’t have a website design provision, but web design, in this context, is a very new concept.

As technology and tastes have evolved, web design has become a key aspect of how people access and use online content and, with the rise of social media, design is now intrinsic to retaining users and visitors, and it can be implicated when a website loses visitors.

Gone are the days when all you needed was a template and a few words, with disregard for style, design and the aesthetics of your homepage. Since the primitive days of the internet, as more and more of us came online, web design has spawned an industry of its own, and almost anyone who has used the internet will have an opinion on the design of a web page.

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