Tips To A Successful Website

Tips To A Successful Website

New online business owners frequently have the incorrect idea about custom web design. I would be nice if it were as simple as getting your website up and running. Custom web design involves every aspect of your website to lead your users to the ultimate end, a sale. Whether the plan is to build a service-oriented website or offer many products, your site’s design must have all the ingredients for success from the very start. One must select a web designer that has an understanding of promotion as well as custom web design. A few standards your website should adhere to are discussed below.

Upon the user’s arrival to any of your web pages, it should be clear what your site is all about immediately. There is only a split second window to grab their attention and to provide them with the information they are looking for. Each web page should have a powerful keyword-rich headline that will keep users on your site.

Graphics should be used to complement the site instead of being a distraction to the main content. Every website needs graphics for the aesthetics of the site, but be sure your graphic design and logo design do not dominate your pages. You want users to read your page, not look at your graphics. So, keep graphics to a minimum, and use them only when they help to create an even reading flow on the page. Many sites use a pleasant “newsletter” style when there is much to read on a page, sprinkling graphics or photos throughout the text in a wrap-around sense. For logo design, keep it small and simple. There’s nothing more annoying than waiting on a page to load because its logo is too large.

When selecting a web designer it is important that he or she incorporates keywords into the content for search engine optimization. Keywords within content is one of the many factors affecting SEO. Every page of your site should be designed with search engine promotion in mind. This means setting up your meta tags, link text for pages or in menus, headlines, image “alt text” contents, etc. to attract relevant search engine traffic as well as search engine ranking.

Most users will not take the time to “search” for hidden links or to browse through a confusing menu, therefore, navigation must be very simple. If ordering custom web design from a professional, write out on paper how you would like your link system to flow from page to page. If you have content, place visible, colored links within the text to give users a chance to click while reading. Menu bars and links should be in the standard places on the site.

Many design firms provide website promotion services with a custom web design package. This may help you to get a head start on building traffic. You can leverage the design firm’s skills and knowledge about Web promotion and search engine optimization. Remember to promote your website in every way possible. Print your website address on business cards, newspaper ads, letterhead, etc. Targeted advertising online gives your website publicity and potentially more traffic.

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