Twitter Background Spicing Up Your Profile!

Twitter Background Spicing Up Your Profile!

In today’s day and age, the online community finds new ways to express their creativity as an individual especially in sites such as FaceBook, MySpace and twitter. Twitter unlike the other sites allows users to micro blog, other than its usual features of sharing links and connecting with friends. Twitter has recently come up with a new way that users can customize and change their profile. For those bored with the mundane default background, Twitter Background now enables users to customize and personalize their accounts according to a person’s specification.

Twelve templates are given from the site and users can change various settings on them. For example the colors can be changed and even the texture and contrast can be adjusted to ones preference. Twitter Background also allows users to upload files in GIF, JPG and PNG format to be used as backgrounds. Users can customize these photos and edit them as desired and then create a custom background to upload on the site which gives a more unique look to it.

Photos that are uploaded as Twitter Backgrounds come in the resolution of 1680 x 1290. This is required as the Main Interface takes up most of the room and therefore the uploaded image/background is shown on each side of the screen. Users are also given the option to make their own backgrounds in graphic editors such as paint shop pro and photo shop.

The Twitter Background feature includes many different background types and the most famous of them are the Fading Background, Enlarged Image Background and the Repeating Background. The most distinct characteristic of the fading background is that it uses a small image which is presented in solid colors and its crowning feature is the way it blends or fits right into the background. The Enlarged Image Background is for those wishing to use large images to portray their work and artistic skills, and it must be presented in high resolutions as the image may be cut off from the screen. Last but not least the Repeating Image Background is the most convenient and easy to use, as it takes one picture which is copied and made as a background.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Twitter Background is for those with an artistic touch, As many a company use it to promote and advertise their name and goods which attract in customers like bees to honey.The choice in the end is up to the user.

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