Twitter Marketing Training For Business Owners

Twitter Marketing Training For Business Owners

Twitter is a great way to market your business online and is becoming one of the hottest sites in social media. Twitter is a great way to spread your message connect with prospects and future customers. Many business owners want to use twitter specifically for marketing but it is important to see it for what it is and understand that it is a social media site and not a media site. Social media means interaction and relationship building, not spamming with your marketing and advertising messages. Those who use twitter to broadcast all day long without communicating and building relationships get nowhere.

Since twitter is a social media website it is important to remember to be social and to build targeted relationships. On twitter, you want to share both who you are and what you do. Most business owners talk about what they do too much and don’t share enough about who they are as an individual. It is important to have a balance here because you don’t want people to unfollow you because you keep saying what you do over and over. Let’s face it! they will get sick of it. But if you share who you are and what some of your hobbies are or comedical things that happen in your life mixed in with your work then you will be a human being and not a walking billboard. People want to connect with tangible people on twitter, not a billboard.

Understanding the relationship and flow of business on twitter is very important because you begin to make a larger impact and connect with more relevant people by doing that. When you are all about business your twitter followers will be all about not following, unfollowing or not listening to your tweets! and you don’t want any of those things. After learning this lesson you want to make sure that your profile is setup properly and that you are using the space you have to get your message out there in a non-advertising kind of way.

In twitter you have a description and you have 160 characters to say who you are and what you do. In this area you can say something like “A Single Mother of 3 who loves to go to the spa on the weekends and help my therapy clients” or something like that. Make it about who you are first and then briefly mention what you do after you share who you are. You only have 160 characters so make it short and simple.

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Take care and have an awesome rest of the day!

David King

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